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Transport-inter.com and the transport directory are essential in the transport sector.

You can promote your firm if you are a carrier or a supplier of goods in relation with the carriage sector (lorries sales, maintenance ).
The registration in this directory is free for all the companies dedicated to the transport sector, which want to appaer in one of the transport directory headings.
For thatn you haxe to fill in our form.

As soon as we receive your demand, one of our collaborators will contact you in order to fill in the detailed card of your activities.

However, we propose you a modulable and profitable trade offer to elaborate profitable trade plans.


It is your company s business card on the web during a year.

Thanks to a location in the first pages during the ressearch, the personalized card pemit you to get maximum benefit from your company visibility in the Directory.
Moreover, you take advantage of the estimate requests reception by E-Mail.
A determinate competitive edge

•  Your company s card is favoured in the list during the ressearch.
•  You can include the logo and photograohs of your firm.
•  Text areas permit you to complete your card.

Like that the Directory users will know you r firm capacity to meeti their drmands .

Please contact our trade manager fot more details


PRICES FOR CARRIERS SINCE THE 01 / 06 / 2005 anual subscriptions without VAT


Formula A : Automatic reception of estimate requests

1/ from a departure area

320 €

2/ add a departure area

170 €


Formula B : Advertising on your technical card

Your logo

50 €

One phtograph

50 €

Two photographs

70 €

Three photographs

90 €

Link to your Web site

290 €


Formula C : Standard Sites

Presence Site is accomodated on the Directory

1 020 €

Reférence Site is accomodated on the Directory + Admin

1020 €

Translation: add a foreign language

300 €


ELECTRONIC BUSINESS CARDS (Technical and conceptional charges on estimates)



Set price for 50 engraved copies

1 300 €

Set price for 500 pessed copies

2 700 €

Set price for 1000 pressed copies

3 460 €




PRICES FOR SUPPLIERS SINCE THE 01 / 06 / 2005 anual subsctiption without VAT


Formula D : Automatic reception of esrimate requests

Technical card present in the Country (totally)

790 €

Technical card present in a new Country

250 €

Your logo

250 €

Link to your Web site

420 €


Formula E : Standard Sites

Standard Site is accomodated and listed

1520 €

“Reférence Site” is accomodated on the Directory + Admin

1 820 €

Translation: add a foreign language

420 €



ADVERTISEMENT ( on the top of the page)


The mensual set price (1 mounth)

990 Euros HT

The trimestrial set price (3 mounths)

1 990 Euros HT

The semestrial set price (6 mounrhs)

2 990 Euros HT

The annual set price (12 mounths)

3 990 Euros HT

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Commercial contact: Jean-Paul Alibert
Phone : +33 5 61 57 91 08